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John Anderson Adams

Adams® Extract traces its' beginnings back to 1888 when John Anderson Adams sold extracts in the harsh Michigan climate. In 1905, he moved his family to Beeville, TX. At the time, most vanilla was sold to pharmacies and was often labeled “Do not bake or freeze.” John A. Adams, whose imagination was stirred by his wife’s yearning for a flavoring that wouldn’t bake or freeze out, announced that he could produce a better vanilla than the one his wife was currently using. Working with just $6.71 worth of materials on top of an old icebox, Adams discovered the formula he wanted. To test this product, his wife whipped up a cake for the family to try. “John, this is the BEST flavoring I have ever used,” she announced. “Well, that’s old man Adams BEST,” he responded. The name stuck and Adams Best® was born! At night, by the light of kerosene lamps, his sons, Fred and Don, helped their father print labels and bottle the product. During the day, they sold it door to door with the guarantee that if it was not the best vanilla extract the customer had ever used, the company would refund their money, even if the whole bottle was used.

Adams - Austin, TX (1922)
In 1922, Adams®  relocated to a new facility in downtown Austin, TX. Through the years, the company grew and prospered under the direction of the second generation, Fred Adams. During this time, Adams® Extract brought the Red Velvet Cake to kitchens across America by being one of the first to sell red food color and other flavor extracts with the use of point-of-sale posters and tear-off recipe cards. Shortly after World War II, Adams® Extract began diversifying its product line and expanding its operations. The first 4 pack food color line, still sold in stores today, was developed in 1947. In 1955, Adams® built a new facility on I-35, designed by Lundgren & Maurer, and quickly added a spice division to its line of products. In 2002, Adams® Extract moved to its new home, a modern 90,000 square foot facility, in Gonzales, TX.
Adams Best® (2013)

In 2013, Adams®, one of the oldest continuously operated companies in Texas and one of oldest spice and extract companies in the United States, celebrated its 125th birthday.

Adams® proudly manufactures and markets under several Adams® Brand banners, including Adams Best®, Adams Extract®, Adams ClearVan®, Adams® Seasoning & Spice, Adams Reserve®, Flavor King, Adams Pantry Basics, Sear-n-Crust®, Zesty-Full, Parslic®, Carniceria® and Culinary Tonight®. In addition, Adams® is proud to manufacture some of the nations most respected Private Label Brands as well as serve as contract manufacturer for many legacy Regional Brands of seasonings and spice.