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Color Chart - Cake Mix Print Version
Notes: Printable color chart available on Resource page!
Use to dye cake batter!
  • RED = 48 drops Red Color
  • GREEN = 48 drops Green Color
  • YELLOW = 48 drops Yellow Color
  • BLUE = 48 drops Blue Color
  • ORANGE = 48 drops Yellow Color + 8 drops Red Color
  • PINK = 8 drops Red Color (add 1 drop at a time for desired shade of pink)
  • BLACK = 12 drops Blue Color + 12 drops Red Color + 12 drops Yellow color ( best when used with chocolate cake mix)
  • PURPLE (ORCHID) = 24 drops Red Color + 16 drops Blue Color
Amounts listed are for 1 box white cake mix. If you are using less than 1 box, use 1/2 of the drops listed. Colors can be made more intense by adding more drops of color required. Lf more than 1 color is required, add drops keeping the same ratio as listed.

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