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"Extract" setting inspired by Adams Extract

Gonzales, Texas - August 18, 2009 -

The setting of Mike Judges newest movie "Extract" was inspired by his memories of Adams Extract . " When I received a call from Mike Judges office early in 2008 at first I though it was a joke" say Sterling Crim , Managing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Adams Flavors Foods & Ingredients. "You can only imagine our surprise to hear that Mike Judge was planning to make a movie with its plot set in an Extract Manufacturing plant." Since there were not many Extract manufacturing companies left in America Judge was asking for a peak inside the Adams Extract factory to help him add the color and perspective he needed to complete his script .

 In their first meeting Judge explained that he often drove by the Adams Extract factory in Austin and always wondered what went on inside. "He told me a great story about how quickly he changed his perspective on business owners after writing Office Space and suddenly becoming the boss of his own production company", say Crim.

Judges production company contacted Adams several more time during the pre-production. "We were able to provide some still photos of the iconic I-35 Austin factory , some product labels and cartons and a digital movie of some of the lines running Vanilla Extract to help him and his set designers."

 "I am pleased that in his unique way he is paying some homage to our iconic brand and to the struggles that small business owners in America face." says Crim "It is going to be unbelievable how many young people will be introduced to what baking Extracts are for the first time. Hopefully they will go home and learn to bake some cakes and cookies from scratch."

 Asked if planning to go see the movie Crim says , "Absolutely ...I am a big fan...my only request is that the movie goers will read the statement that you always see at the end of a movie ... All characters are fictional. Any similarities with living or deceased people are coincidental."

Adams Press Release Extract Movie

Adams Flavors, Foods & Ingredients LLC currently produces well over 100 extracts, spices, and food colors in a variety of sizes, but the company will always be best known for its vanilla extract, ADAMS BEST.

Adams Extract traces it beginnings back to 1888 when John Anderson Adams sold extracts in the harsh Michigan climate. In 1905 he moved his family to Texas. At the time, most vanilla was sold to pharmacies and was often labeled “Do not bake or freeze.” John A. Adams, a pharmacist whose imagination was stirred by his wife’s yearning for a flavoring that wouldn’t bake or freeze out, announced that he could produce a better vanilla than the one his wife was currently using. Working with just $6.71 worth of materials on top of an old icebox, Adams discovered the formula he wanted. To test this product, his wife whipped up a cake for the family to try. “John, this is the BEST flavoring I have ever used,” she announced. “Well, that’s old man Adams BEST,” he responded. The name stuck. The double-strength extract was sold door-to-door by sons Fred and Don. At night, by the light of kerosene lamps, the boys helped their father print labels. The first bottle of Adams Best vanilla was sold with the guarantee that if it was not the best vanilla extract the customer had ever used, the company would refund their money, even if the whole bottle was used.

 Shortly after World War II, Adams Extract began diversifying its product line and expanding its operations. By the early 1960s a spice division was added. In 2002 Adams Extract was moved to Gonzales, TX under its new name of Adams Flavors , Foods & Ingredients LLC.

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